Family Enrichment Toronto

Family Enrichment Toronto promotes and supports all kinds of initiatives to help single people, married couples, and the family, which we view as the fundamental, essential building blocks of society.

For more than three decades, tens of thousands of married couples around the world have benefited from courses in Family Enrichment.

These courses help parents learn a solid and effective method that helps them put their educational mission into practice. It also creates a support network among participating families.

Based on the case study method, pioneered at Harvard Business School, parents are able to learn together about real situations that challenge families.

The programs are designed according to the developmental stages of children. The methodology of the courses is essentially participatory, consisting in the discussion of the cases in small group meetings formed by various married couples.

The teams meet under the principles of freedom, respect for the others opinions and friendship. These are the focal points that promote participation.

The cases are analyzed and debated in the general sessions. These sessions are moderated by experts on each theme, which is also supported by “technical notes” given to participating couples.

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